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In the Hunt: A Buffalo Bills Podcast

Jul 12, 2021

Dan Fetes (WHAM) joins the podcast to judge if our Bills fears are justified. We also talk about the proposed new stadium, Cole Beasley being dumb, and we even settle on a new naming system for the Fast and Furious franchise!

Jun 7, 2021

It's the middle of the offseason so we decide to interview a bunch of our friends (George Gordon, Ray Zawodni, Tony Pusateri, Dewey Lovett, and Shawn Eckert) to talk OJ Simpson, Pittsburgh Steelers, the schedule, dating a non-football fan, and Blake Bortles! 

May 3, 2021

Duffy, one of our favorite guests, is back to talk about tall lineman, Mortal Kombat characters, and make fun of how many people subscribe to our Patreon!

Apr 26, 2021

Joe Buscaglia (the Athletic) is back to talk about the big nickel, hot mocks, and there's even a shocking result to this year's trivia game!

Mar 22, 2021

Matt Parrino ( and the Shout! podcast) joins the podcast to talk Emmanuel Sanders, the big Lee Smith trade, and if Matt Barkley should be hired as Josh Allen's friend. Oh, and there's a new offseason song!